The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Disaster Recovery Permit & Regulation Waiver Toolkit

In 2014, the Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) planning team responded to a request from Bay Area Region emergency managers for assistance in planning for waivers – adjustments and temporary set‐asides – to existing permits and regulations that may inhibit or detrimentally affect disaster response and recovery operations. The California Resiliency Alliance (CRA), a statewide non‐profit public‐private partnership organization, worked in partnership with the Bay Area UASI and its jurisdictions to engage stakeholders and develop this Bay Area Disaster Recovery Permit and Regulation Waiver Toolkit.

This Toolkit provides the emergency manager with overall concepts, background information, processes, and templates helpful in planning and preparing to request permit and regulation waivers. While it is strongly suggested that emergency managers use the toolkit to pre‐plan for permit and regulation waivers after disruptive events, it also provides guidance that can be used in just‐in‐time operations.

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