The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Meredith Terrell

Community Preparedness Analyst

Meredith Terrell is the Community Preparedness Analyst for the Bay Area UASI. She is passionate about partnering with communities and creating opportunities that make a dramatic difference towards improving lives! She has 20+ years of experience working in the non-profit sector ensuring that community members meet their basic needs in a dignified manner and working with partners to advocate for equitable resources in communities throughout the Bay Area.

Meredith has a track record of creating, implementing, and evaluating community-based and volunteer-fueled programs. Revitalizing organizations championing innovative campaigns, and initiatives, and capturing untapped opportunities to grow programs and build relationships is where many of her skills and successes lie. At the Bay Area UASI, Meredith brings her experience to local government by working with stakeholders to invest grant funding in ways that enhance community readiness with a focus on vulnerable populations.