The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Janell R. Myhre

Regional Program Manager

Ms. Myhre has over twelve years experience in public safety and emergency management with regional and local government jurisdictions and organizations. She has strong emergency management working relationships throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and the State. Janell specializes in regional catastrophic planning, exercise design and facilitation and disaster management in local government and regional organizations. Ms. Myhre has served in numerous leadership positions in the San Francisco Bay Area emergency management field, including the Director of the Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Services and Regional Catastrophic Plan Writer for Marin and Sonoma Counties. She has served as Deputy Planning Chief, Liaison Officer, Public Information Officer, Volunteer Unit Leader and Agency Representative in one US Coast Guard Area Command, two Federal oil spill Unified Commands and over nine Marin County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activations.

Ms. Myhre has led, designed and/or participated in over 20 exercises at the local, state and federal levels including discussion workshops, tabletop, functional and full-scale events. Ms. Myhre is the primary author of the nation’s first oil spill volunteer plan (Non-Wildlife Volunteer Plan), used in the Deep Water Horizon incident and now being considered for adoption in six states. Ms. Myhre was honored with the 2011 California Emergency Services Association (CESA) Platinum Award for outstanding contributions in the Emergency Management Field and the 2010 CESA Coastal Chapter William Singer Award for excellence in plan writing and regional coordination in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2012, Janell received a US Coast Guard/California Department of Fish and Game San Francisco Bay Area Committee recognition award for her outstanding leadership in the protection of oil spills in the San Francisco Bay. For her contributions to the Non-Wildlife Volunteer Plan, she is the recipient of the United States Coast Guard Commandant Certificate of Merit