The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Amy Ramirez, CEM

Regional Project Manager

Amy Ramirez is a Regional Project Manager for the Bay Area UASI. Her portfolio of projects include Risk Management, the THIRA, and coordination of the Medical and Public Health Workgroup. Amy joined the UASI after 12 years at the Department of Emergency Management’s Division of Emergency Services where she served as DEM’s Lead Emergency Planner. In this capacity, Amy was responsible for managing the department’s emergency planning team to ensure that appropriate emergency plans were in place to meet San Francisco’s specific threats and hazards. In addition to her responsibilities as the Planning Section Chief for the City’s Emergency Operations Center, she was instrumental in the update to the local Hazard Mitigation Plan and development of a variety of function and hazard-specific emergency plans, such as the Tsunami Annex. Amy is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) by the International Association of Emergency Managers.